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Nick Crowe

Nick Crowe

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Nick Crowe (born 1968) is an English artist; mainly working in sculpture. Much of his small work is internet-based.

Crowe was born in Barnsley and studied English Literature and Drama at Hull University.

Nick Crowe began working in experimental theatre and performance in 1989, establishing Index Theatre Co-operative with David Whitaker, Julian Hammond, Jane Gant, Adele Fowles and Les Hampson. Index changed its membership over time, producing innovative performance works. Crowe then went on to develop his practice in a range of media including film, drawing, new media and etched glass.

Several of Crowe's pieces are internet-based. SERVICE 2000, for example, was a ring of spoof websites for notable art galleries. Other work, like Discrete Packets and Police Radio use the web as a medium for exploring wider cultural concerns. Crowe also works a great deal in more traditional art media including film and photography as well as installation and publishing. He also produces engraved glass works which deal with subjects as wide as internet memorial web pages and the occupation of Iraq.

His recent film and video work, uploaded to Youtube has engaged with the pitfalls and possibilities of the online participatory culture with increasingly subtle use of displacement and irony.

In 2003, Crowe was shortlisted for the Beck's Futures prize. He lives and works in London, Manchester and Berlin.


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