Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Mary Flanagan - Giant Joystick

Here are some images of Mary Flanagans work which I intend to implement into my interactive museum.

Mary Flanagan

An artist, author, educator and designer.
Flanagan's artwork deals primarily with how the design and use of technology can reveal insights into society. Through performance, sculpture, video games mods, software and networked databases, she investigates how human relationships manifest in and are influenced by the technological artifacts permitting the modern world.

Claes Oldenburg - Works

Here are some images of interesting works from Claes Oldenburg that I may want to model:

"Bicyclette Ensevelie (Buried Bicycle)"

Claes Oldenburg - information

Claes Oldenburg was born January 28 1929, in Stockholm, Sweeden. A sculpter best known for his public art installations, typically featuring very large replicas of everyday objects

Monday, 12 April 2010

Imperial War Museum Pictures

Imperial War Museum

Imperial War Museum Pictures

Imperial War Museum

In persuit of information regarding museums, it was my task to attend at least one conventional museum to find out what to expect from a musem

I was greated with a bag security check and as I got in, there was a desk which had available leaftlets supporting the events being held at this museum and also leafles from other events that had nothing to do with the musuem.

As it was a war museum, there was a range of old war machinery on display. They were all accompanied with a "DO NOT TOUCH" sign