Monday, 22 February 2010

Visual Studies

Visual Studies was a module that I had enjoyed because I was coming from a Fine Art background, we had to draw a series of life drawings in order to complete the module. Some were self portraits that I enjoy doing.
Here are some well known self portraits from famous artists, who are Andy Warhol, Henri Matis
se and Van Gogh

Aspects of Modules Ejoyed

So with that I have managed to pick out a selection of Modules that I enjoyed the most during my years of study, these were:
  • Visual Studies
  • 3D Modeling
  • Digital Arts Process
  • Digital Narrative
  • Network Aesthetics
  • Maverick Machines
  • Games Interface Design

Past Modules Studied

And with that, in order to pursue trying to get an appropriate project idea that will be realistically possible to create considering the time we have, interesting and of level 6 quality.
So I will go through all the subjects that I have studied throughout the module and list projects or anything else related to that particular module and hopefully I will be able to come up with a good idea.
Here is a list of modules I have studied:
  • Level 4 - Digital Culture, Visual Studies, 3D Modelling, MMSA, Digital Arts Process, and Pixel Based Imaging
  • Level 5 - Digital Narrative, Network Aesthetics, Interactive Gameplay Design, Experemental 3D, Maverick Machines, Virtual Space, Experimental Gaming, Games Interface Design
  • Level 6 - Experimental Media, Times Based Imaging, Research Seminar and Experimental Gaming 2

Week 1 Continued

So with the initial information obtained regarding the completion of this module, it was revealed to us that this module is a lot different compared to others that we have studied throughout the course. This is because it is wholly based on independent study and this will be a much greater challenge than the rest.

We were instructed that whatever idea we come up with, it has to some way relate to the course we are studying. This could possibly mean that we would be able to further a previous project we may have started and then take it to the next level and making it appropriate for this module.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Single Project - Week 1

Introduction to the module

In the first lesson of the Single Project module we were introduced to what we need to do in order to successfully complete this module. This involved 3 assignments, which are:
  • Assignment 0: Initial Proposal - Due Week 3 - Weighting 0%
  • Assessment 1: Formal Proposal Defence - Due Week 4 - Weighting 10%
  • Assignment 2: Project Artefact & Report - Due Week 14 - Weighting 90%